I’ve written about the NFL for 20 years and covered the Seahawks every single day for the last 12, giving me a unique advantage in knowing what to expect from Pete Carroll and John Schneider. Seaside Joe is a newsletter dedicated to two things above all:

  • A commitment to writing a newsletter every day (with over 1,200 straight days and counting as of this sentence)

  • Giving fans a REAL and HONEST view of the NFL, which leads to an advantage of being able to know what to expect without being overly reactionary to everything that happens with the Seahawks

This has led to Seaside Joe correctly predicting almost every key move since the Russell Wilson trade and you can read the archives to see if I’m lying or not: Drafting Charles Cross and Ken Walker III, Seattle avoiding all major acquisitions for a quarterback in 2022, correctly nailing the DK Metcalf extension at exactly three years and $72 million. I’m also not afraid to use my years of experience as a writer to call out others when their reporting on the team suffers.

Whether it’s Ken Walker III film breakdowns or in-depth training report news or Seahawks fan surveys, there is no home for Seahawks fans quite like Seaside Joe.

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