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They'd better not draft this guy on days 1 or 2. Need to take a shot at an immediate impact player with the 9th pick for sure.

Part of the problem is that these days one takes on a project who as likely as not bolts to another team once his potential has been unlocked. A team controls a guy on a rookie contract for just four years. Take him in the first round and the team can hold him for a fifth year (at a price). One hopes a guy shows loyalty (like Penny) but that's not the norm. Nor should it be. Teams have no loyalty; why should players? The NFL is clearly a business.

Before free agency, it made a lot more sense to look for projects. Now teams need to pick durable, ready-to-play guys who fit their scheme -- always with an emphasis on good value at that spot in the draft.

You've put your finger on my concern with John and Pete. The long history of reach picks. Sure, the team may believe its info over that of so-called "draft experts". But when it happens again and again, and those players don't beat expectations again and again, one loses confidence.

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You're scaring me Ken, but that's what you're trying to do, right!?? Mission accomplished! 🤣

When Pete talked about being arrogant; besides D & O schemes I hope he and JS were talking about their "genius picks" that weren't worth a second contract/got cut/traded or never got on the field, including but not limited to:

1. Foreign guys and/or, great athletes, 2 years of starting experience, "astronomical 'upside'", "we'll coach him up" draftees

2. Projected high drafts who dropped because they're recovering from a Sr. year injury

3. Guys who they thought had a little injury that turned out to be a "can't make camp this year" injury

4. Kristan Sokoli-type conversion projects

5. "Incredibly skilled", but small interior line guys D & O, but especially O (no more Joey Hunt speed bumps at Center)!

6. Conversion projects of all types: D-to-O, O-to-D, O-interior-line who played L/R-side but we'll switch him to R/L side

Hawks have been bit by bad luck with draftee health but they drafted plenty of their own bad luck!

No more human-interest-story draftees - round 1-to-5 should be guys expected to play their position.

Before drafting a "high upside" mid-major guy who started 1 year; especially interior O-line line, take a better look at 2nd stringers from D-1 O-line "factories" like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio St. etc.

(they probably do all this but...) - It's a rebuild, stop wasting time on recycled NFL scrap heap guys and draft reaches, get the best young blood in you can draft and let 'em compete.

BTW, I bet they give Lock a chance and don't draft QB early.

2022 O-line is an experiment; like when Hasselbeck was let go in favor of Tavaris Jackson.

Jackson got demolished & finished the season on IL.

They need young QBs who can take a hit and run for their lives! Fresh hamburger baby!

Geno for as long legged and in-shape as he looked - was very slow getting out of the pocket (he knows the pain 😉)

If Geno starts and survives the season, he has some vigilant angels watching over him!


Mike A.

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Great post, Mike! Yeah, maybe in Seattle's dream scenario, they trade down to the 20s, add a 2023 first round pick, and select their top OL. Which very well could be the Austrian.

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