I agree that the Hawks won't draft a CB, even Sauce Gardner in round one. I'm putting Charles Cross back on the list after doing more reading. It seems we've committed to a zone run scheme and I'm betting we mix in more outside runs this year. Cross isn't a mauler but zone doesn't need a mauler; it requires that you get a body on the defender at the right time. Smarter, more agile linemen are the standard.

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Something about SAUCE scoring MORE TDs from opposing QBS than the WRs he was covering I LIKE.

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Cade York ... just do it, maybe in the 6th, if'n we get one. Thanks, Kenneth.

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Apr 6, 2022·edited Apr 6, 2022

I just read an article by Almar Reyes on 12th Man Rising who posits that we should purse a trade for Lamar Jackson. He points out that Jackson is still only 25 years old. I'm just curious if you all think Jackson is worth a Russell Wilson type payout. Reyes suggest a deal might look like

2022 1st round pick (9th overall)

2022 2nd round pick (via Broncos)

2023 1st round pick (via Broncos)

2024 1st round pick.

Plus a huge new contract.

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