There are two types of contracts to be considered. First are players for whom 2022 is their last or only contract year. Second are players who have zero or little guaranteed past 2022. I'll exclude players that have multiple years remaining such as Jamal Adams. All of these depend on a successful 2022 performance.

Metcalf - extension in August.

Cody Barton

LJ Collier

Justin Coleman

Sidney Jones

Phil Haynes (RFA)

Noah Fant

Tyker Ott

Ryan Neal/Marquis Blair (keep one)

Travis Homer

Ben Burr-Kirven

Brian Mone

John Rhattigan (ERFA)

Gabe Jackson - 2023 - 32 - $9.5 mil cap hit, $3 mil dead

Shelby Harris - 2023 - 32 -$9 mil cap, $0 dead

Quinten Jefferson - 2023 - 30 -$6 mil cap, $2 mil dead

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From the math I could figure when we traded Russ, we paid him $45M a year for the 2 years he was on his most recent contract. At least we got two 1sts, two 2nds, and 2 likely starting players, I guess.

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What is the reason for the dead money for Quandre Diggs and Phil Haynes? I had always associated dead money with a player departure.

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