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You touched on many points and counter points, something that would be nice to avoid at 9. You are right we do need a left tackle but if you take Ekwonu I think he will succeed. He has been Football small for his position all through college. The 40 time means very little for an offensive lineman. I think one thing it shows he has enough speed to get to the second level in run blocking. In pass blocking it really comes down to how well he can mirror his oppisite number. I don't think there is a drill that shows that. Most importantly he is or what I have read, tenacious.

Don't you think Lucas could be every bit as good, and you maybe able to pick him at 40. I think it's the offense he comes from that give people some worry. I read the Cougars averaged 25 run plays a game P/J would love that. Question I think this could lead us to going Offensive lineman at 9 and 40. Victoria Chris. PS if we did do this, you couldn't blame Russell Wilson for being a tiny bit confused. The answer lies in the large number he looks at every pay period. We would not have the number 9 pick. Also quickly John Schneider was asked if Wilson would sign an extension and Schneider said no. Russell deserves his money and I will always like him, and I hope he plays well for them, and in 2024 we beat them in the Super Bowl haha

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