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All I ask is that Walker's career parallels the greatness of GOT and Ozark, except without the shitty endings. Thank you in advance!

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They're right! Only idiots drafted running backs in the 1st round. Forgettable backs like Jim Brown, John Arnett, Walter Peyto n, Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders, Shawn Alexander, Curtis Warner, Eric Dickerson ,etal and their ilk. Some pretty crappy 1st rounders.

By the way, these are the same geniuses who said Fran Tarkenton, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson were too short to play QB. In the NFL! LMOA.

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The first round of 'Hawks hype from the in-house team at VMAC over Rookie Camp weekend had a couple quick clips of Walker cutting and catching -- and Coach made a point of telling us that his hands are just fine, thank you very much.

Based on recent history, the way they lost Bam Bam, and Carroll's vibe when asked about Carson's status during a recent presser ("we haven't even seen his medicals"), my gut says Penny & Walker in the backfield this season. Suspect Walker will be pushing Penny in camp as well.

It's been hilarious comparing the instant-media "hot takes" about the Seahawks newest draft class to the post-draft assessments from actual football minds like Jeremiah, Brooks, Simms and others.

Personally, I was stoked when they snagged KWIII on Day Two. His lateral awareness, movement and first-step acceleration are elite. On film, he looks more than a little like Barry Sanders juking All-Pros out of their socks back when.

In what's been a clear and obvious tradition in league and national sports media since 1976, most folks are sleeping on the 'Hawks. That's fine by me. I haven't forgotten what "Peak Marshawn" looked like under Carroll, and welcome a return to legit offensive balance.

Russ can cook all he wants -- in Denver.

Meanwhile, this Patera Era veteran is genuinely excited to see what Waldron has up his sleeve this year, especially how he utilizes TWO breakaway RBs. And wouldn't it be supremely ironic if Walker grows into one of the best three-down backs in the league.

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Love the metaphor, but it seems to me Breaking Bad started that whole HOLY

SHIT! as an audience pleaser thing.

I have also thought about the way they value positions and like all formulas it only works if you are making the correct assumptions. They leave factors out of the formulas. The fact that a handoff is more reliable and less risky than a pass is not factored in. The fact that a RB touches the ball more than anyone but the QB and Center is another overlooked factor.

There has been a real world degradation of the PERCEPTION of the value of any RB that has gotten so bad I feel sorry for them as a group. They have shorter careers with more risk for long term health issues and less money per year on second contracts for no reason other than the perception that there is less value there, and that perception affects the price just like low consumer confidence affects the stock market. Shorter careers is a fact. Injuries are a fact. I am not denying these things, but RB's can significantly add to wins. A healthy Penny was significantly better than any of our other RB's. Including a healthy Carson.

KWIII (could we call him Kwii?) reminds me of Barry Sanders and maybe a little of Gale Sayers smoothness. As with all RB's avoiding injuries is key to a long career. Chris Warren could have written his name in the HOF if he had stayed healthy.

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"...people's innate need to ridicule others." Perfect description for today's social media rants. The same for opinions on the draft and the players/teams involved. When I read that, it just expressed so much as to how I feel. It just struck a cord with me. Thanks for that!

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He seems to have an ability to lose himself (from a defender's perspective) while navigating the backfield. Stays nice and tight to his blockers as he bursts into the hole.

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