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Gardner is a great prospect, and I wouldn't object if that is who they pick at 9, however, Seattle started the trend of upgrading long CB's value, and now everyone wants a long CB and that leaves short CB's with other attributes that make them great ignored or pigeon holed as nickel CB's. Last year Seattle broke their own pattern and took Moore who is not long, but he worked out, and this year, in my opinion, the best CB in the draft, if you throw out length as an issue entirely, is Marcus Jones. Jones is also the best punt returner in this draft.

The Seahawks could address their need at tackle(s) and QB or Edge before they draft a CB. There are plenty of short CB's available these days since the Hawks got everyone wanting long CB's.

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Good point about the Hawks and their history with CBs. They got so lucky with BB and Sherm right at the same time that it kind of became Pete and John's calling card. And good for them for rethinking the position for the NFL at the time they did, but still lucky. I'd love it if they stayed put and ended up with Gardner, Thibodeaux, or Johnson. Breer's post seems like such a logical progression of picks and you've just got to figure there's going to be some weirdness that benefits the Hawks chances of getting a premier player there.

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