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Forget about Tony what’s his name. I enjoy reading your comments. You had me rooting for Davis in the 1st round. But it turns out I am pretty happy with Cross

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You da man, Joe. I appreciate your takes and learn a lot. But now I'm going to take a little victory lap by calling attention to the fact that on April 19th, in response to your post on the Seahawks not taking Cross, no way, no how, I wrote this:

I'd be all in on Charles Cross. Not that I have any confidence Pete and John will do it. But, for Christ sake, this kid drips with talent and he can lean to run block. If he's available and they don't take him, I think they'll likely be really sorry.

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The thing I missed about Cross that would have made me higher on his stock was his age. He's a 21 year old sophmore still growing into his body. Reading about him you'd think he was a senior with refined skills not a raw kid.

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I'd like to see an OLB/Edge at 40 or 41. Ojabo and/or Mafe could still be there, or Ebiketie at DE could be a good value pick. Really, whoever the hawks like most in that role, there should be a good pick for draft value at that point. It would make a lot of sense to draft a CB around there too, like Booth or Gordon. I would also rather see them take a RB at that point over WR or QB, and both Hall and Walker could be there.

I know we should anticipate a trade down, but I'm not convinced. There seems to be a lot of draft value at positions of need right where we've got two picks to make. I vote we use them!

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Off topic of this Joe, you keep saying on your video/audio content that Linderbaum wasn't drafted. He went 25 to Ravens.

On topic, I hope Cross is great. Glad Seattle addressed tackle.

Big fan.

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I have one reservation about Cross, after watching as much of his tape as I could find. I think he could be a decent blocker in a power game, and a better than decent blocker in an outside zone game.

But in too many of his pass blocking reps he is just too handsy. He keeps his man off the QB, but too often his hands are outside and grabbing. If he continues that tendency, especially as a rookie he will be seeing a lot of yellow coming his way from the refs...

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I could see the Hawks going DL in the 2nd ( possibly slight trade down with from 41 for additional picks ) and CB or LB in the 3rd and 4th.

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I don't understand Desmond Ridder being on our board before round 6. I am in favor of Matt Corral at 40 or 41. I think Sam Howell could be Gardner Minshew, which isn't bad you could win with him. The third QB Bailey Zappe would be good later on

Mafe seems like a possible choice. We are now into the meat of this draft, let's hope J/P have got this right, I think they will be using less projection and more usable knowledge.

Impressive that Cross is only 21.

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I don't hate Cross as the pick because Cross is deficient, I hate it because of what it says about Stone Forsythe. I also hate it because it meant we didn't take Jordan Davis who I believe would have elevated the entire defense's play.

I hope they take a QB with the 40th pick, and then auction off pick 41 to the highest bidder, which would presumably be for another QB. Expecting Corral, Ridder, Malik Willis, or Howell to still be available in the 3rd round is wildly optimistic. QB's always go higher than expected. So these guys are seen as 3rd round talents, so that means they will go no later than the second round.

A trade down at 41 to about 50 would still leave plenty of meat on the bone. Chenal would likely be there. Same with Abraham Lucas, and some edges like Bonitto or possibly Mafe. I like Mafe a lot, but any edge will need to be darn good as a rookie to displace Taylor or Nwosu.

Pauline is a troll. Don't let it ruin your life.

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DT is the next biggest concern to address in round two

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