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Great analysis. I'd be alright with the Seahawks taking a flier on a QB they believe overlooked in a later round. A day three pick. Even that's a strategy I'd find questionable given the many holes we have to fill. I'm with you in thinking this isn't the year to take a QB. Next year could be another story. At some point we'll have to get someone with talent under center. Without wasting precious draft capital or salary cap space.

I've often felt that Pete Carroll wasn't the ideal coach for Russell Wilson. He may be an excellent coach for where we are now. If he can prove himself to be strategic and patient. Which would mean he plans on coaching for a while longer. More than just another year or three.

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Pete was the ideal coach for Russell Wilson when Russell Wilson was willing to give all himself over to the coach. Those early years were PERFECT. When Wilson started to become something else after winning the Super Bowl, when it became about a "QB-first offense" instead of a "Run-first offense" then yeah, the relationship was all but dead. A day three QB who is a great leader and willing to give himself over to the run-first philosophy, that could unlock Pete's run game. But no less, Seattle will struggle to keep pace with the teams that have great QBs and better defenses.

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Crazy that right now on April 5th is the first time I've faced the reality that we are probably going to really stink this season. I'm still convinced Pete and John thought they had a shot at Watson. Pete's "2nd chances" presser felt like bracing us all for it. Then the Browns made him an offer he couldn't refuse and now we're left with a team with little depth and below average starters and no superstar qb to save us. I'd have picked another team to pull for if Watson was acquired, but I do truly believe that was the plan when they traded Russ.

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NO-BS...IF Drew Lock can get his footwork under control (which IS also what Willis Must do to be a decent QB), he is likely to be a decent QB himself. The dude is quite athletic, with a strong arm who does not maintain his base consistently. Why draft the exact same issue in another QB? If Willis could be had Late in the 3rd, he STILL is not worth drafting because a foundational player can be had in This draft!

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I don't know Lock but obviously Pete and John saw something in him. It's so hard to know who will be a decent QB at the NFL level because so much of it is mental. We've seen so many guys with great skills who couldn't get it together because they couldn't process fast enough.

The one who really blows me away is Carson Wentz. In that phenomenal year he had with the Eagles before he was injured, he did some things that blew me away. Like the time a Seahawks lineman was chasing him down and trip him, and with his legs out from under him, he still managed to throw a perfect strike to an open receiver more than 20 yards downfield. What happened to that guy?

My sense is he was great when he played with reckless abandon but that gave rise to injuries because, unlike Wilson, he couldn't distinguish between smart risks and dumb ones. So the coaches taught him to play within himself and has never been any good that way. He makes stupid decisions. Embarrassing decisions. Just occasionally but often enough to undermine his great qualities like his arm, his touch, his mobility. The Eagles kept working with him because the potential was so obvious but finally gave up. The Colts gave up after one year. A year that was mostly good. Undermined by the kind of bad choices that just can't happen in the NFL.

We could go down the list of NFL quarterbacks and dissect their games in this way. What makes most of them bad but a few great. What makes a guy like Tom Brady, with just a decent arm and no mobility whatsoever, one of the best ever. Perhaps, among other things, the fact that he can place the ball anywhere on the field with accuracy and without hesitation. What makes Russell Wilson almost unstoppable when he has a great running back but flawed without one. The moon ball kind of needs credible play action. Without an intermediate, over the middle, sort of threat, defenses can sit back ready to defend the big play. When Wilson had his own wheels, he could create adequate uncertainty in the secondary without a running back but he's no longer that guy.

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