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If PFF is correct, that the Seahawks had one of the worst offensive lines in the country last year then what does that tell us? For me, it says Geno's season was even more phenomenal. It's one thing to lead the NFL in completion percentage playing behind the best OL in football, and a completely different thing to do the same thing with the WORST or close to the worst OL in the NFL.

Firstly, I don't entirely accept PFF's ranking of our OL. Secondly, though, if that was true, we at least got rid of the two worst performing members of that OL, and replaced Blythe with at minimum a guy who was ranked OK as a center and guard for Detroit. Or someone who beats Evan Brown, namely Olu Oluwatimi.

And thirdly, it says that Geno was passing for over 4,000 yards, the best completion %, and got a Pro Bowl IN SPITE of having the worst OL in the NFL. It also says Kenneth Walker got a thousand yards from scrimmage behind the worst OL in the NFL. Whooooooooo WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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I’m with you in not accepting PFF’s statement on the Oline. To me, last year’s line was better than the previous few years, by more than a tiny amount.

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That's a very good point, Stephen, hadn't considered that. Double rec.

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I worry about our defense but expect our offense to be top 10 this season, regardless of PFF grading the O line #30 in the league. It will be interesting to see how we fare against better defenses like the Eagles and Steelers. And speaking of the Steelers, I've been reading old blogs and such and Devin Bush was considered by FAR the weak link in his time over there. I watched some highlights (and lowlights), and worry that he will actually be a downgrade from Cody Barton. But maybe Bush, much like Barton, was more maligned by fans than he deserved to be.

I know Seaside Joe loves a good clickbait and in my googling for Devin Bush articles found a doozy! https://www.steelernation.com/2023/04/13/steelers-former-buffoon-devin-bush-blasts-tomlin To save anyone not interested a click, the headline is how he "Absolutely BLASTS Tomlin and the organization," yet in his quotes he simply says he's excited to have a new start in Seattle. "But the former 1st round draft bust wasn't done trashing his old organization!" He goes on to say that Pete Carroll has a lot of energy and works hard. This must mean that Tomlin doesn't!!!! The writer of this piece sounds he's 12 years old.

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"The writer of this piece sounds he's 12 years old."

Frankly, most small time, small site writers do. We all love that SeaSide Joe is a graduate of Field Gulls and isn't running just one more low end, click bate, rumor intensive, POS, superfan web page.

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I suspect that the talent of the offensive line will be only part of the equation as to the success of the offensive line, so long as Seattle has a top-5 WR unit (which they probably do), a great RB duo (which they probably do), and very good coaching (TBD) on that side of the ball. Add that with matchups against the DLs of the Cardinals and Rams, could be that the Seahawks OL isn't as much of an issue, and we'll see if maybe they don't have one of the better OT duos.

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