Because I NEVER expected a win in KC, I am at peace with Kenneth Walker's 100+ yards and holding the Chiefs to 24 points. Really, the Most important take away for this whole season remains how it leads to our off-season moves and next year's strategy. One observation from this game that gives me hope for the future...Just a few snaps, but it happened and it looked Very promising involving Dereke Young...

The 49ers have a perennial All-Pro FB Kyle Juszczyk who gives them fluidity in their heavy running/pass-heavy personnel packages. He gives them excellent blocking from the backfield or as an H-back plus excellent receiving from any position (even split out wide) and remains a match-up challenge.

The Seahawks have a Big bodied receiver from this last draft who lined up in the backfield in college and and has proclaimed how much he Loves to block. Young only had a small sample in this last game what I have been hoping for - since Long before we drafted him, but it looked good.

Going back to the Raiders 3-time Pro-Bowl FB Marcel Reese who himself was a big bodied receiver (for the UW) that was transitioned Very effectively. I have been rooting for us to go the route of a fantastic blocking AND fantastic receiving FB. The Seahawks #83 sure looked the part and now that they finally put him in at FB, wow!

On one play, lining up in the I-formation he was the lead back for K-9 to go up the middle. Dereke made it though before the hole closed - BTW, did you know that our LG Gabe Jackson sucks? - he sliced through and smeared his target but the Chiefs #95 blew up our soon-to-be-unemployed #66's blocking attempt so fast that our #9 was stopped for a no-gain.

Had our slow-footed LG held his block on Chris Jones for a fraction of a second longer, Young's second level pancake block would have sprung our ridiculously fast RB (4.38) RB for significant yardage.

We finally have a rather fleet FB (runs in the 4.4's) who can come in on heavy personnel with all our 3 Tight End's, thus causing the defense to counter with their heavy sub package - then poof - all our guys split out into a pass formation, thus giving us some crazy match-ups against the opponent's bigger slower run stoppers...NICE!

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We were also missing our #1 receiver. Big fall off in talent after the #2. And then a starting lineman got hurt.

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Christmas is here

Bringing holiday cheer

Despite the Hawks woes

Merry tunes and mistletoes

What portended a total loss

Blossomed fun and a coin toss

Geno was great

Until he was not

Our defense struggled

But promise we got

From our rookie phenom Woolen

To......our rookie phenom Woolen

Our promise rests with Pete

Team mentality is frickin sweet

The Hawks again bring joy

And frustation and anger

The refs try our patience

And man, I wish we still had Unger

Nobody knows what next year will bring

But the excited anticipation

Of every possibility

Should be enough to make a good Hawk sing!

Merry Christmas, Hawks community!

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Nice. Way better than I could have done.

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"Nobody other than Travis Kelce torched the Seahawks (113 yards) and he’s being talked about as the best tight end in NFL history."

Even Kelce was held in check for the most part through 3 quarters (4 rec, 41 yds). It was that last TD drive that boosted his stats.

The Hawks need to take the best available player at every spot in the draft. The only thing they don't need to draft is OT, everything else is fair game.

The offense is definitely a bigger problem at this point, especially without Lockett. Maybe Lock can fix it, but I doubt it. DK was pretty much double covered the whole game and no one else stepped up. They need to keep cycling through guys until they can find someone to help DK and Walker.

There's still a chance at the playoffs, even though they won't go anywhere if they do make it. The Jets are reeling, especially if Mike White isn't healthy. And the Rams, while always being a thorn in the side of the Hawks, are still missing all of their best players. Those are both winnable games. Whether this team is capable of taking advantage, I have no faith they can get it done.

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This is the key : "because Seattle doesn’t have a strong enough roster"

A new quarterback chosen with our top 1st round pick would only get eaten up behind an offensive line that's this porous.

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I'll be interested to explore the QB concept many times between now and April but I'd emphasize that nobody who they pick, if they pick a QB, he should not play in 2023. A top-3 QB should sit for a year. I'm going old school.

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Agree, many of the really good QB's sat behind and learned from experienced ones while also listening to coaches 'n other players while feeling the difference in speed and the exceptional talent of defences which they would go against in the future.

Earlier, before this NFL football guy with short name starting with a "J" opened my eyes, t'would have thought that a great rookie could just "step in". hah, hah.

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Totally agree with you Kenneth. Particularly Geno. See my comments about him.....and comments regarding FA QBs. Again, how many missed tackles were there today, how many batted down passes from a 6'2" QB, pass rush???? 1st half run blocking????? TE completions first half????? What an embarrassment of a game. Put Lock in against the Jets. Let's see if we have a one year bridge guy in him. The coaches know NOTHING about him in a Seahawks game situation. We have missed the playoffs, Pete and John, learn some things in the last two games.

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Not saying this effort was bad but we had more total yards, more rushing yards for a change and more time of possession. If we can do this the rest of the year we should win the next two games. Unless we score fewer points than they do, LOL.

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Unfortunately Geno Smith is ....Geno Smith. a career long back up who had a few good games against losing teams. It's time to move on. No franchise tag, no new contract.

Gardner Minshew looked great against the Cowboys and he's a free agent.

Next draft should be 2 D line, C and G.and LB depth. If Pete and John fall in love with a QB draft him.

Lots of good free agent defensive players available in 2023.

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Is Aaron Rodgers an elite QB?

Well, of course he is. He just didn't have the players around him this year.

Is Justin Herbert top tier?

Yes, but they've had a lot of injuries.

What about HOFer Russell Wilson?

Sure, but he's had a bad coach, a bad offense, and you know, other stuff.

The GOAT, Tom Brady?

Obviously, but Tampa is declining and has a new coach.


His line was the problem. Oh, and the Super Bowl hangover.

Watson, Jackson, Burrow, Murrray, Prescott?

Every QB on this list has a lower season QBR than Geno yet they get a pass.

Nobody ever said Geno is Mahomes or Allen. He still has the 5th best QBR and his team doesn't have the roster equal to the Chiefs or Bills; not even close. Can Geno lead us to the Super Bowl if we average 61 yards rushing? Will Geno lead us to a Conference crown with the opposition setting up camp in our backfield before he can even get in his pass set? Is Geno capable of winning a division title when we have half the time of possession of the enemy?

I don't have problem with a technical analysis of why Geno is not our best option. However, a lot of QBs are given a pass because of their team's woes but Geno is bad because he can't overcome a bad supporting cast against the two best teams in the league? That's not analysis and it's not logical.

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My vision board was to use K9 in the passing game, but I will give him and the O Line credit for running well in the second half

Ryan Neal is a restricted Free Agent he was and will be on my list of must have Seahawks.

Today shows what life is like without Tyler Lockett. The Seahawks receivers could not create separation at all let alone quickly like Tyler does. Today on all 3rd and 4th down plays he was sorely missed. To use an old warn-out phrase Lockett can get open in a phone both, and could score at anytime.

As for Geno he didn't lead us to victory, he played with what he had. Geno does not want to throw the ball 4 yards on 4th and 8 he had no other options. He did throw a ball that made Treadwel lose a first down. On the int it seemed to me the receiver stopped, maybe,maybe not he sure didn't get open between the corner and the safety and that's where Geno threw it. Was that Goodwins mistake or did he get held or did Geno throw a bad ball, I don't know but I don't judge him on that one throw. Is Geno a top 20 Quarterback for sure. Would Geno look even better on a good team like Seattle was for 7 games absolutely. Is he worth a franchise tag, yes ish, or a 3 year deal, let's wait for the last two games. I go along with the Skipper on who should go, mostly, but Geno's story is still incomplete. Pete Carroll and John Schneider know what they have in Drew Loch and won't saddle us to a bad quarterback contract. There is only one college quarterback coming out worth chosing and the Texans will take him. Darn shame all the names that looked promising at the start of the College season could not hold a candle to Geno. We started the year trying to build Seattle has done that and they have set themselves up for a big leap next year.

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I couldn't believe how many times they went for it on 4th down! Six Times! Is that a franchise record?

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Seaside Joe says Geno should get a non-exclusive franchise tag. Cool. I'm all for it.

Draft a QB in 2024. Draft him high if you think he can start or if somebody else signs Geno, or draft him low and franchise Geno again if the new guy needs a year to figure things out.

Draft high for the defense in '23, draft for the interior line in rounds 3+, then sign all the FA's you can afford.

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I saw an interview with Walter Jones a week ago. He was asked how many seasons it took him to feel confident in the NFL. He said it took 2 seasons. Our rookies have a really nice start. Geno is showing why this was the first team to make him their starter.

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Pathetic game but I had fun commenting with folks in the live stream. That made a game that would otherwise be horrible to watch quite bearable, even enjoyable at times.

As for the Hawks, I agree. I'm not an advocate for firing Carroll but I wouldn't object if it happened. I'd not be happy if the Hawks commit a lot of money to Geno on a multi-year deal but I don't see that happening. Pete would probably want it but I don't think Schneider would go along.

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For me the most disappointing aspect of the play recently is the absence of a consistent running game. Walker either breaks off a 20 yarder or gets stuffed. We need to consistently be able to get 4-6 yards per run, otherwise the offense is going to sputter like it did today. So for me, as I've mentioned before, it's imperative the Hawks do something about their interior O-line. While I don't know if Cross and Lucas are good in the run game they're getting the benefit of the doubt from me for now but I'm quite certain that the guys mostly responsible for those drive-sustaining runs up the gut aren't getting it done.

If I were John Schneider I'd concentrate on the offense in the draft (OL, WR and QB) while upgrading the defense via free agency. The Hawks should draft a QB early who can learn behind Geno or Lock (this is assuming Lock isn't the answer) for a year while the new components of the O-line gel. Maybe the offense even looks good enough behind a solid running game that whoever starts at QB next year can be traded for a decent draft pick. I dunno, why not hope for the best.

If the Hawks don't re-sign Geno and let some higher priced vets walk they should have a decent amount of cap to bolster the defense in free agency, plus a comp pick for Geno. I'm excited by the options they have in front of them.

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Even during the off-season, we all expected this match up to be one of the toughest ones all season. Kansas City is who we thought they were.

That said, I feel like this skid of six games now requires us to have to actualize how we need to view this team. Very on point about the need to look for the core which we build from. I feel very much the same that Gino is a good quarterback, not what, at some point we thought was a great quarterback. The things mentioned about game management or decision making are more obvious now.

I am still hesitant to have the Seahawks use a high first round pick on a quarterback at this point, but maybe I have to somehow reconcile they should. However, it still feels to me that the Seahawks should invest their first round draft capital on defensive pics. Year after year, we see teams who have but just a “good” quarterback with a strong defense do very well. I would like to see this team do the same by not giving Geno a multiyear contract and going all in on defense.

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I agree use a transitional tag on Geno. Lean on defensive help from where ever. We need 1 or 2 gaurds and a center. If we had those today K9 would have gone for 175, as is its amazing he got over 100. They made a change in how they ran the ball and created some holes, but mostly he got the ball with more then one yard to move

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It’s a gamble in selecting QBs in the draft no matter which round.

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