I’m still hearing people saying the 2023 QB class is supposed to be great. People I follow who I trust are very much tempering expectations. I could so easily see PC/JS going defense early. I hope they do. I’m not sure Geno playing great is great for Seattle though. If this keeps up he’ll cost a lot of free agent dollars without the benefit of spreading them out. I doubt they will want to sign him over too many years. Having said that, I’m happy to enjoy the good play and let come what may.

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I’m going to push back re Clark. The decision to not pay him market value cascaded into a set of often questionable moves that have a lot to do with where the Seattle defense is today.

John Schneider may have gotten draft value, but as we are seeing now, a scheme is only as good as the execution. And while 2019 may have been a weak draft, that didn’t stop him from amassing picks—which in my mind means that he was betting on that draft. Here’s what they wound up with (through Round 4):

(29) LJ Collier

(47) Marquis Blair

(64) DK Metcalf

(88) Cody Barton

(120) Gary Jennings, Jr.

(124) Phil Haynes

(132) Ugo Amadi

With the obvious exception of Metcalf, this is sound and fury signifying nothing.

Question: If they keep Clark and work something out with Jarren Reed, does Schneider roll the dice with Jamal Adams?

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DL and a safety.

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Oct 12, 2022Liked by Seaside Joe

I love Big Al, but age is unforgiving for the leviathans who dwell in the trenches. But with a boatload of cap space I wonder who the best - actually attainable - FA prospects will be at DT and EDGE next year (of the non-washed up variety, Pete!).

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Oct 12, 2022·edited Oct 12, 2022Liked by Seaside Joe

This draft suits our needs. There will likely be ten defensive linemen/edge rushers given a first round grade. Anderson, Carter, and Bresee will likely be gone by the 11th pick as will Young, Stroud. DraftTek had a good mock with the Hawks taking Bresee(DT) at 9 and choosing Anudike-Uzomah(edge) at 15. As the season progresses, I'm betting we prioritize the defense and take a mid-draft QB in 2023 then look for a franchise QB in 2024 if necessary.

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The pass rush would be much better if we had a monster D tackle providing pressure up the middle.( see Cortez Kennedy ) The shortest path between 2 objects is a straight line.

So far Taylor and Brooks have disappointed. Must do better drafting LBs . Should have kept Bobby and KJ. Fortunately we have 5 picks in the top 95.

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Oct 11, 2022Liked by Seaside Joe

We need to stop the run first. However, point taken regarding the need to fine tune our pass rush. Given the piss poor performance against the run, pass rush comes in second for worst thing this defense does.

And Pete's defensive philosophy comes down to:

1) Stop the run.

2) Rush the passer

3) Punishing tackling

4) Take the ball away

This flirtation with a 3-4 may bear fruit, but without better results soon, it may go the same way as "Let Russ Cook" went.

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Oct 11, 2022Liked by Seaside Joe

Nice, Love Front 7.

I actually really Like Trenton Simpson, too.

Great Speed and sense for the play.

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Great post, Ken, and I really appreciate the positivity you bring to every topic. I never feel "we are doomed" after reading one of your posts.

I still think somehow, some way, Carroll and Hurtt will 'find a way' to get the D to improve THIS season. Losing Big Al for any length of time is bad though. There is currenlty a spot on the 53 available iirc, and I wonder if there isn't a player on some team's practice squad that the Seahawks might go after?

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