If they can't get Young, trade a mid round pick for Zach Wilson. Use the money saved by letting.Geno.go on veteran Dline and interior Oline. Use the draft to for Carter or Anderson and LB.

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Closing shot: The Seahawks carry Pete Carroll off the field in slow motion as redemption is had via a win against his former team...Fade to Black

Two Thumbs Up!

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Jan 1

The Jets are one of those teams capable of making Seattle look good. (Hopefully it's not the other way around, as this really could go either way.)

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I'm also kind of looking forward to the Los Angeles's game on Sunday. Has Baker Mayfield finally found his grove or do the Rams crash back to the earth?

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Dec 31, 2022·edited Dec 31, 2022

I'm seeing this as a game between two mediocre to poor teams, Seattle wins and we all agree life is worth living, but the best part of the weekend is that Houston, Chicago, Arizona, and Kansas City all win and push the Denver pick closer to #1.

Next week is when it all gets crazy. Houston and Seattle both win, and Seattle goes to the playoffs and gets the #1 pick.

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If it were up to me my plan for free agency and the draft would be:

Re-sign/tag Geno and trade him for best draft pick you can get with the plan being to re-sign Lock and have him be the bridge QB.

Take the cap space saved from trading Geno and invest in the D-line in free agency. Extend Nwosu.

Do not take Brook's 5th year option. If he shows improvement with more impact plays behind the (hopefully) improved D-line then re-sign him later.

Definitely draft a QB early. This always had to have been the plan after Russ was traded because nobody could have foreseen the renaissance of Geno. Stick to the plan, Geno has value and some team will make a good offer.

Definitely draft a receiver early or make a splash in free agency/trade (Elijah Moore?).

Double dip on the O-line in the draft. I want a right guard who is an absolute mauler. Maybe they draft a left guard and move Lewis back to right guard.

Draft a linebacker who excels in coverage or find a "death backer" ala Kam (I know, not easy). Jamal Adams is coming back so maybe this is a lower priority. But obviously more depth would be great.

Take a couple shots at DB later in the draft. I still have high hopes for Coby but it's always good to bring in more competition. Quandre needs some competition.

I was initially getting 2012 vibes from 2022 but that faded so perhaps 2023 can be 2012 and 2024 will be the year the Hawks become bullies again.

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This game seems like the one in Dennis Erickson’s 4th and last year with the Hawks. He was always 7&9 or 9 &7. This Jets game was the Vinny Testeverte QB sneak at the goal line. He came up short on 4th down but it was called a TD. (Side note, that call broke the camels back and ushered in instant replay for the Refs next season) Anyway, that lost cost the Seahawks the playoffs and Erickson gets fired and Mike Holmgren is hired.

Always wondered what would have happened if they made the playoffs that Season. Would have been tough to fire Erickson.

I think that bad call turned out for the best for the hawks.

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The Hawks have already reached my preseason prediction for total wins. Yaaay! I think this is a very good test season for all of our young players and next year they will only get better. Now, I envision Jefferson, Barton and Nwosu sacks. The highlight of my vision board is a fake punt that Homer takes off for a 20 yd. gain. Now that would be a movie to watch!

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Dec 31, 2022·edited Dec 31, 2022

DVOA is intented to show expected vs actual performance where zero is league average. DVOA is adjusted for strength of opponent and game situation.

Per Football Outsiders:

Geno Smith - +9.5 (11th)

K9 - rushing -14.3% (37th), receiving -18.9% (38th)

Lockett +17.0 (9th)

Metcalf -2.4 (50th)

Dissly - +44.6 (1st)

Fant - +15.2 (15th)

I've used PFF rank by position to determine the relative quality of our starting roster. I've assigned 16 as average times the number of starters. WR has two starters so average is 32, defensive line has 3 starters so average is 48, etc.

QB - Geno Smith 8th

RB - K9 17th

WR - Metcalf 19th, Lockett 20th

TE - Dissly 12th, Fant 21st

C -Blythe 36th

G - Lewis 16th, Haynes 53rd

T - Cross and Lucas are outside the top 100

CB - Woolen 24th, Jackson 78th, Coby Bryant 98th

S - Ryan Neal 1st, Diggs 45th

LB - Barton 56th, Brooks 72nd

IDL - Woods 24th, Harris 29th, Ford 83rd

Edge - Nwosu 37th, Irvin 92nd

The players average or above are Smith, Metcalf, Lockett, Dissly, Fant, Lewis, Woolen, Neal, Woods, and Harris. K9 and Nwosu are close. The rest are woefully short of adequate. Based on this season's PFF grades we need center, a guard, 2 linebackers, an outside corner, a nickel, a safety, a defensive end/tackle, an edge rusher, and a huge amount of growth by our offensive tackles. I've defended Brooks and Jackson but these grades don't back me up. It would be interesting to bring in a veteran linebacker and hand him the defensive play calling duties with which Brooks has been tasked. I wonder if that would free Brooks up to play faster. If you assume K9 and Diggs will remain that still means eight new starters from the draft, free agency, and trades. It's a tall order.

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Bowfinger was a good Eddie Murphy film released in 1999.

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Speaking of sequels, we nearly couldn’t believe the depths to which The Glass Onion sank. I’d rather have watched the Broncos-Rams replay on NFL+.

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Ok, I graduated high school before you were born, and was watching Siskel & Ebert back then, too! What made them special for me is that you could tell they (especially Ebert) they really *loved* movies--the making of them, the actors, the directors, everything. They were fans, first, and made their criticisms from that point of view.

This game is a pivot point: if the core of the Seahawks is good and they are building something positive for next season, they will win this game. If they lose, the Seahawks are a lot further away from being 'good' than we as fans would hope. This is a 'winnable' game and the Seahawks need to go out there and grab the W like it was a box of popcorn and they were going to see The Gladiator.

I do see the Seahawks prevailing, as Walker gets loose, Geno gets his game right with no turnovers, and Tariq shows that he is the main course and Sauce is just a condiment--with another interception return to the house. This will be a truly ensemble cast effort though with great performances on ST, DL and OL.

Go Hawks to the happiest of new years!

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My vision board is not specific, but I see us with a pick and a fumble recovery. Also I see Brooks getting his second sac of the season on another delayed blitz. If he can arrive at the same pace and with same intentions he could decrease White's performance. I was oh so hoping Zach Wilson would have a modicum of success and hang on to his job for this week. The Skipper mentioned something about how Wilson's parents should have steered him to another team. That was never going to happen as his mother seems to be slightly unhinged, I am not sure about his father. K9 goes for 125 yards combined yards. Tyler Lockett scores on another toe tapper. This is something I would like to see happen. Dareke Young being targeted as the first read, 2 or 3 times tomorrow. We are not at the point the other team knows we are only running when Young is on the field, but he has only been thrown to once all season. On that play he made a very good catch but it was called back because of a penalty. Gardner and Reed are very good corners and are likely willing to jump a route on one of our other receivers if they are initially covering Dareke. Even a couple of 6 yard curls where Geno can get the ball out quickly to the 6ft 2 inch 225lbs wideout. This would create at least the sense of surprise. I also remember seeing him collecting some YAK in the preseason. Final vision Dareke 2 catches for 19 yards and one sets us up for a TD from the eight yard line. So much for not being specific, I think Dareke has earned the chance.

Happy New Years Seasiders !!!!

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It's my theory that Super Bowls are won by the most complete teams. My goal would be to field a roster that is above average at every single position and have a head coach who can create a team identity. Teams win when players can depend on their teammates and the team has an identity to fall back on when things get rough. At this point we don't need stars, we need broad competence.

With that in mind as Seahawks GM, what would you all do with the linebacker corps for 2023?

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