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Hmm... I don't think the D is a coaching problem, it is a personnel problem and particularly a *depth* problem. Shelby Harris was a scratch today, and Woods went out either late in the first half or early in the 2nd half. The run D did tighten up in the 2nd Quarter but completely fell apart in the 2nd half simply because of overwork of the guys on the field. Depth--quality depth--on the DL is the problem. The top 2 picks have to be DL picks unless there is an opportunity to get a game changer at some other position. And the way it stands now Seattle has the #2 overall pick!

And a one-dimensional Seattle offense is not a recipe for success. With no run game, Seattle was in big trouble in this game but the two picks in the first half (and being down 17 points) made this game almost impossible to win. So, yeah, stock down for Geno. Stock down for injuries and ill health to our RBs, too!

I agree about the relative importance of QBs, hype vs reality. A QB has to be truly exceptional to lead a bad team to victory, whereas "Mr Irrelevant" can lead a good team to victory if all of the other pieces are (mostly) in place. Geno is an above average QB but he did have a bad day today.

Stock up to Seattle's draft position. If Seattle only gets another win or two to the end of the season, and misses the playoffs, that would not be the worst thing in the world in terms of their overall draft capital.

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This team has already surpassed all but the most optimistic among our predictions. I expected a top draft pick, but that it would be our native one. To even play .500 ish ball with our roster in the shape it’s in is pretty incredible. Our rookie class looks among the best in the league and we are loaded with picks and cap space next year.

There are a lot of veterans who need to move on, especially on defense. Pete and John need to churn this roster like they did in 2011 and 2012. We need to get younger, faster and -where we can -cheaper. We always seem to sit out the first wave of free agency when the high priced vets move. If there are game wreckers available in 2023, this would seem to be the time to buck that trend.

I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up in that 4 game win streak where our defense looked good. The rebuild was never about this season.

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Since I expect a D with 7 new starters (3 rookies and a couch surfing, virtually retired - but oh-so-lovable - Bruce Irvin playing significant roles) to show lapses so I am not going to over-react like so many will. We have won games I assumed we would lose and lost ones I expected a win. In the words of Dick Vermeil, 'We are exactly where we should be.'

CLEARLY though, our Greatest draft need IS a Game Wrecker or two on the D-line. I am certain Pete Carroll feels that way too as his comments made it sound like all the issues from the past few weeks have been covered. He also referenced there were no surprises this week. In fact, we mentioned that 'Teams by now know how to play us...we are going to have to change that.'

When he elaborated that 'It starts with me', I believe he was not assigning blame so much as he was establishing accountability goes team-wide - beginning with him.

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If you can't run the football and you can't stop the run and you lose the time of possession 3 to 1 you lose.

Next draft has to be 2 D lineman and a tackling machine LB unless Geno falls apart. Then a high draft choice must be a QB.

The bad drafts of the last few years have caught up to the Hawks, but they still exceeded all expectations this year.


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I’m giving Geno something of a pass on this one, because asking him to carry a team when only the offensive passing game is functioning properly feels harsh.

Run defense was an issue in games before Munich, but since then the run game has completely collapsed on both sides of the ball. Andy above has said this because they stopped using the 4 - 3 defensive front that was successful during the win streak, but I’ve had a cursory look back at some of those games and we were still running what is effectively a five-man front on running downs (3 DL, 2 OLB) switching to four (2 DL, 2 DE) on passing downs. I guess teams have simply worked out that a defensive built for speed is by design lightweight, so just push them off their assignments and run it at them at will. That doesn’t sound fixable until the off-season.

Worst of all - there were moments toward the end last night when it looked like players were completely exasperated, almost to the point of chucking in the towel. Deeply worrying.

As for the offensive running game, no idea what is happening. There are no noticeable injuries on the line, but they are completely unable to open a lane against anyone now. Just baffling and saddening.

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We were not the bullies in this game and it was obvious from the very beginning. Carolina ran harder, blocked harder, and hit harder. It was the most depressing game of the year because it wasn't a lack of execution that killed us. We couldn't run the ball because they wouldn't let us. We couldn't stop the run because they wouldn't go down. They were just plain tougher, meaner.

Joe, you said Homer showed he wasn't a first or second down back but did he look any worse than K9 lately? Against the Bucs K9 had 17 yds, 26 againt the Raiders, and today Homer had 26. What happened between last year's Penny explosion and the last four games when I doubt even a healthy Penny would have helped. Did our tackles hit the rookie wall, did our interior got exposed? Even Mahomes would have trouble in an offense that averages 61 yards rushing per game. Is it a lack of personel that has prevented Waldron from being creative in the run game like he was earlier in the year?

Nobody on the defensive line seems to be able to get penetration on runs. That isn't scheme, it's the ability to beat your man one-on-one and I believe it's the biggest weakness on our defense. The three down linemen and the two outside linebackers are in position to penetrate and screw up a play on every down. How often do you see our guys make a play in the backfield?

I didn't want to resign Diggs, either. If Adams is going to be our thumper in the box then we need a complementary piece that can cover tons of ground and read an offense like Geno reads the defense. We need our next Earl Thomas. I thought Brooks played pretty well. Cody showed up but was completely blocked out on several running plays and seemed like he was at a loss for what to do. I want to be on the Woolen/Bryant bandwagon too, but the hard truth is we need more run support from both.

Pete must have experiened a bit of discomfort wondering he'd lined up with the wrong team. Carolina played Pete's game. Be the bully, run the ball, execute.

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I'm being a Homer homer, but when the line got a gap open for him, he rushed 5+ yards.

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Stock DOWN on the NY watchers ... so far none of the NFL highlight shows have run the video of the catch between the knees. If I were to venture a guess why it would be they don't want the outrage from every fan and player who sees it. You can't have a legitimate catch if the NY watchers see the tiniest bobble, but you can catch it between your knees and transfer it to your hands while bobbling.

Seems to me the players have a LOT of practicing to do now to see how many different ways they can catch a ball and call it a completion: under the chin, in either arm pit, behind the knee (if they can pinch it fast enough), between the cheeks, etc. The number of incorrect calls coming from that expert booth this season makes me wonder who is actually in that booth and what are they indulging in.

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I hope the Defense spends a LOT of time studying the 49er's film over the next few days.

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Ok, I am going to rant

What the fuck is with our run D. Certainly our guys are Not this bad nor is our coaching this bad. So what is wrong and how do we fix it. 220+ rush yards, are you kidding me. These are pros looking like high school players

We lost to a shit team and likely ended any play off hope

This is.the geno I thought we would see all season. He stunk, plain and simple

Where were the TEs play caller?

Run game???? What run game

This is THE FIRST GAME SINCE 2008 that we left early. I was not going to watch any more crap

Yes, the officiating was as bad as it could get but even if those idiots had of called a proper game, we still would have sucked and lost

The 49ers are going to KILL US. I can't wait to see the shit show on Thursday.

Homer is a 3rd down back, that is it. He did have a couple good blocks.

Another learning day for our young O line

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I suppose Seahawk problems are more complicated than they would seem and the answers are more complex, but dear God the run defense is bad. Draft four DL kind of guys, sign 3 more free agents, fire the seven worst guys, then hire a couple of new coaches to make sense of who's left and get the front seven up to speed. And yes, I am freaking out. Thanks for asking.

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1. Is this the worst Run Defense We've ever had?

2. At least we've found a #3 receiver

3. Geno's finally starting to look like the Geno of old, though losing our top 3 RB's didn't help

4. Why do we lose to the bad teams & beat the good ones? Reminds me of the 70's Sonics playing down to the level of their opponents.

5. We HAVE GOT to go back to a straight 4/3. I could run through that D line & I'm an old man.

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4th quarter, the broadcaster said it all "The Lions are having their best game of the season." The teams we play the remainder of the season, know that if they want to beat the Seahawks, run the ball. If the Seahawks plan to go to the SB, they will need fresh young DTs to help stop the run. I'll be glad when Jamal Adams makes back to the line up next season

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After losing 3 of 4 I don't know how many wake a calls a team needs but maybe this will help. If we win a few more and get some help we can still make the playoffs. I don't think we can do much if we get in. Mostly just to say we were a little better than some people said at the beginning of the season. Then again maybe we lose out and we will be what people thought we were at the beginning.

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Just a note about Taylor, he got that sack while only playing 12 snaps on Sunday.

I understand they play different positions but with Shelby out and woods leaving injured should be not have had more snaps?

Or taken some away from Barton?

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I'm going to begin with what's in my heart. It's not about this game. It's about Wilson's concussion. I don't think I realized how much I care about the guy, and how grateful I am for his time with us, until I saw him go down in such a scary way. I hope he has the sense to not try to come back too fast. Concussions are scary and he's had at least one big one before. Another before the first has healed can be fatal.

Think of all the years the Seahawks struggled. Wilson wasn't the whole reason and maybe not even the main reason our team finally won the Superbowl, but it wouldn't have happened without him. For a number of years thereafter, as the LOB declined, he kept our team competitive, sometimes without much support. Forget about draft picks; I'd like to see him sit at least a game (probably more) to allow his brain time to fully recover.

As for our performance in this week's travesty of a mockery of a sham, a number of things were exposed. Yes, our run defense is once again confirmed as unbelievably abysmal. Especially after Woods went out. This is obvious.

Perhaps less obvious before today is that Geno really isn't that great. Which is not to say he's terrible. But he needs a balanced approach with a solid run game. If the defense knows it's just defending the pass, he's not that hard to defend. Whatever his stats say, he's not Patrick Mahomes (even the Mahomes who had three interceptions today). He's not Josh Allen (even the one who threw for something like 147 yards). When the game's on the line, those guys can do what's necessary to win. They can strap a team to their back. Geno's a complimentary piece. On the 49ers, he might win a Superbowl. With Seattle, he's a long shot to make the playoffs. It makes sense that Carroll went with him over the ever-erratic Drew Lock. But if Lock can ever figure out how to not make boneheaded choices, his upside will be significantly higher than Geno's.

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