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Great survey! I interpreted the "would you trade Walker for a late 1st?" question as more of a "did we get GREAT value?" rather than an actual proposal. Clearly we will want to keep him through his rookie contract.....trading him would be wildly unpopular.

The question I had the most trouble with was "Which 2022 Seahawks draft pick are you the most HAPPY about as of right now?". The players drafted all have a great deal to offer and I'm happy to have them all! Cross was my gut reaction, but only because he appears to be above average at a position of need and importance. Bryant also caught my eye, as it sounds like he is a well-seasoned rookie and should provide a great deal of leadership in the future. I settled on Woolen just for the incredible potential and apparent coachability. I'd pay to watch a live video stream of Seahawk practices where Tariq and DK were matched up :)

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If Abe Lucas is not ready to start and play reasonably well I would red shirt him if need be. I am optimistic Abe will win the starting job and play well. If he is noticeably not ready don't throw him in the deep end and maybe ruin his confidence. If you are getting beaten like a rented mule it would be very hard for him to ever succeed mentally. Ego's are fragile and Abe Lucas has made every team he has ever tried out for. It would be a crime to waste a possible ten year starter.

Good question would you trade Walker 3 for a late first rounder. I am as adamant in saying no as I was about not ruining Abe Lucas. I really feel both players will have promising first year. The one question I struggled with for 20 seconds, who will be the best player from our 2020 class. I answered Jordan Brooks but I would love to see Colby Parkinson become that player. Brooks is already a solid NFL player who If he can play well in coverage could easily be a pro Bowler. He had the best mis tackle rate at 10% of any linebacker in the league. I expect him to be great, I feel that Colby Parkinson can become a legitimate threat at tightend. Number one he needs to stay healthy no more broken feet. Number 2 Shane Waldron and Pete Carroll need to play him enough and put him in a position to succeed.

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Fun survey. I think I went with Mafe for most snaps, but strongly considered KW3. There's no reason to trust Penny's durability, and Walker might just be good enough to supplant him at RB1 anyway. He's also the draftee I'm most excited about, as much as that runs against the grain of Seahawks twitter. I wouldn't trade him for the Texan's native 1st round pick next year.

I hate, hate, hate the way they've handled the QB position. Why they gave Geno Smith such a raise when he's a career backup who just got into legal trouble is beyond me. I can't fathom there were other bidders. Maybe Lock shows something, but from everything I heard and read he didn't even get rotated in to practicing with the first string during OTAs. This is a mess and everyone seems fine with it. I try to be understanding of other viewpoints, but QB is too important in this league to leave to replacement level players.

Dee Eskridge is the 2021 player who needs to break out the most, but I voted Tre Brown as most likely. Jordyn Brooks is similarly probably the 2020 player who needs to turn it up but I voted Darrell Taylor who I think could be really special.

As for the question "what position will be most important besides QB in next year's draft," there's not a position on the list that is inarguable. We need better players at every listed position, it just a matter of priority. I think we'll be a bad 5-8 win team next year. I just hope there are signs that we are building a special defense. And I really, really want to win week 1 versus Denver.

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