Finally! I was getting worried that there would be no Joe today. I need the distraction (my Mom is in hospital with Covid and... not good).

There are all good visions. I want this to be the game when Kenneth Walker goes off for a 20+ yard run at a crucial point of the game--it may even be a TD run!

30+ points in offense, and the D gives up 2 TDs or less. That would be fabulous progress!

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Damn you are amazing my friend…Love your writing…I think you should share that last BONUS post..Truly incredible fun insight…Peace….Pay this man 😀

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I will see your Dee Eskrige 3 catches andb 45 yards and raise you two punt returns. Yardage on the returns has not entered my vision yet, but I see 0 turnovers.

A couple of weeks ago Pete said Dee had missed so much time last season and this summer, that he still had to consider him as a rookie. He also said by game 8 he would be playing a lot more. It takes time to earn a spot in Pete's trust tree, once your there you begin to ascend. My vision says this is where Dee is going, straight to the top, all be it one branch at a time

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Zero sacks.

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I envision under 100 yards rushing for the Saints and a season low YAC given up by our defense. It's all about trusting defensive assignments this week and not getting baited into bad angles and over pursuits. If we lose because Olave wins against Woolen and Jackson, that's fine. But let's not lose because of miscommunication and bad technique near the LOS.

I would love to see Walker and Eskridge show up on the box score in a way that makes me smile.

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Tariq interception , Strip sack Maff , Kamara Fumble …3 turnovers…Geno 300 yards 2 touchdowns, Walker with his first score….My crazy Hawks vision….This is fun

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I feel so strange right now…I was Drew ,Drew all the way…How can it be a competition when the other guy doesn’t get a chance…I now see the wisdom of a coach who knows way more about football than I ever will know..Will Geno be a world beater….He just might…This next game is a massive barometer of where we are heading .

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I'll be shocked, shocked, I tell you, if you get any of these right. However, you have a respectable record for your visions so I'll be watching very carefully to see how you do this week.

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Visiting the French Quarter, Kenneth W is inspired to run 67 yards *seismically* including several “baby baby stiff-arms.”

Mike Mayock busts into the broadcast booth to roar “get OFF me!”

That’s what I see.

Laissez les bon temps roullez!

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-I see a man with red hair on the ground, writhing in pain and Cody Barton is celebrating.

-A guy with a Kama... something on his jersey is holding his ribs after a hard hit by Brooks.

-There is a scoreboard, wait, it's fuzzy but it says "S" something 17 and another "S" blurry 35.

-I must be getting woozy because I see four long drives with the TEs and RBs playing a big role.

-And what's that? Is that another pick in the redzone? Yes, yes it is. Congratulation Quandre!

-Finally, there's a guy with white hair chewing something really hard and he's clapping... a lot.

Phew... this is hard work.

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Did you all see the Matt Flynn tweet? For you youngins, he's the guy who was supposed to be the Seattle starter before Russell Wilson took his job. After the Denver/Indy game he tweeted, "I coulda dont that"! LOL

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