I had a few less than kind words about the Cards and more specifically Kyler Murray. I had forgotten about the Hollywood Brown trade. It doesn't change my mind that I put Kyle at 12 in QB rankings but it does make the Cards a better offense for sure.

Some great young players we will see this year. Zach Wilson is an ascending talent and he has a team that we hope Seattle looks like this year.

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Strange as this is to say, I'm psyched to watch the games against the Giants and the Jets. The Giants because they drafted, Evan Neal and Kayvon Thibodeaux, two guys I was hoping might fall to us. The Jets because they really seem to have a lot of talent assembled this year. So much so, they kind of remind me a bit of the 2012 Seahawks.

I'm not with you on Trey Lance. I get your point and it makes sense. He might be able to get away with running well while making safe passes. But I'm not sure his decision making or accuracy will allow it. Clearly, the Niners having gone all in to acquire the 3rd pick last year, need to cut Jimmy and go with Trey. But I see it as a high risk move. This year, they and we will find out what's behind door number 3.

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I know you're a fan of Zach Wilson, but I just don't see it. Which is fine! I won't try to change your mind and I'd wager you've watched a lot more of him than I have. I get that he was drafted into a bad situation and he has traits. And I do think the team is greatly improving the roster and on the upswing, which will help his development.

I know it's very early but of that draft's QBs, how would you rank Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Fields, Jones?

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