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Hi Ken,

This post is thought provoking, I gotta comment instead of doing work I should be doing! ;-)

The stats overview helps, I'm more an "eye-test" person. Beyond statistical tendencies, game-plans are tailored to specific opponent strengths & weaknesses. Offensive lines work as a unit. Weak pieces are exploited. OL schemes to "hide" weakness involve help-outs, which weakens stronger pieces.

Assuming Hawks start 2 rookie tackles and yet another speed bump center, the body-of-NFL-work of Hawk OL unit is zero. Individual & unit experience is THE weakness Hawk OL has in spades. PFF aside, until proven by regular season results, it's safe to assume pre-season Hawk OL is close to bottom.

Hawks drafted a couple blue chippers to retool OL from ground up. The rebuild is incomplete. Even if rookie tackles hold their own, (yet another) below-average-quality center forces average? quality guards to help. Opponents scheme to exploit this mismatch.

This type OL is what made life more "interesting" for Russ than he liked.

Until the 2022 OL learns how to be an OL, it'll be even more interesting for Geno & Lock.

"Proof" the Hawks think there's hope for Lock may be to break camp with Geno as starter. Geno's experience gives him a better chance at survival.

I keep mentioning, "remember the post-Hasslebeck OL & Tavaris Jackson's injuries..." - we hope Geno & Lock avoid a repeat!!!

Mike A.

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Very true points. And fair reasoning on the offensive line, 32 out of 32 could be correct.

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FWIW, Tariq Woolen comes from the same college program as Marcus Davenport (University of Texas-San Antonio).

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Excelsior! Kenneth, You've reached new heights.

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