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Seems like any news about Dee Eskridge is “he is SLOWLY” recovering ……….

Concussion, sprain, strain, etc.

Sounds like what we went thru with Penny the last few years.

Hopefully Eskridge will have a breakthrough like Penny


Penny will continue like he did at end of season.

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First off, in that footage of Walker returning a kick or punt, I like the way he covered the ball as he approached traffic and protected it when he went down. He may need to do that earlier in the play at the NFL level because guys at this level put a lot of time into learning how to strip a ball. But he seems to think well on his feet and I'm sure he'll develop great technique for this level.

Can't tell much from practice footage but I like your predictions on Lock and how he's being brought along. My guess is you're probably right and, even if you're not, I appreciate your willingness to stick your neck out. As you've pointed out, it makes sense that they'd want to go with Lock unless he's truly not showing up as well as Smith. He's got the arm; he's got the scrambling ability. If anyone has the potential to surprise and become an NFL-caliber starter, it's the kid.

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I’m rooting for Lock. Imagine if Lock is actually good and we don’t have to use a high pick on a QB next year?

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I'll be thrilled with Lock being a serviceable game manager who limits mistakes. I want our good QB on a rookie deal.

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The best of all possible worlds.

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Where the heck is Marquis Blair? Is he out there with the two's, three's? Is he there at all?

And has anyone directly asked about Eskridge's health? Seems there must be something the coaches are not saying about him.

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