Hurry up and bench Geno so we can see how bad he is and how good are coaches and other players are. Or are not.

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On the final question I selected "Win a playoff game" but would like to clarify that it's not a dichotomous thing, like a neutral outcome for the season would be either positive win % but miss playoffs or lose 1st playoff game, it's not "if we don't win a playoff game then we suck and everyone should be fired."

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I felt some ambiguity in the "what surpised you most" question. Surprised, as in different from what I expected before the season, or surpised, as in information that I didn't realize was true? I answered from the former perspective.

Same goes for the "barring disaster, keep Geno" question. I had to answer "no" because I don't think it should take a "disaster", whatever that is defined as.

I enjoy these polls. Thanks, Ken!

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Why didn't you just ask me? Everybody else is just wrong.

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Use the back up QB during a blow out game. ( see Ravens game).That accomplishes 2 things. 1) it keeps the starter off of IR and 2, ) it gives QB 2 a chance to show what he can do or cannot do.(see 49ers QB. Purdy)

It's a win / win during a blow out.

Remember, Lock played on some bad Bronco's teams.

We may have a chance to do this with the Hawks remaining schedule..

Hawks will draft a QB in the next QB heavy class.

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I don’t know what is going to happen with Geno after this year, but you don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict that Uncle Will will not be a Seahawk next year. (Cap savings of 7 million).

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I wanted to be asked if I thought Drew Lock could be used in certain situations. First and goal from the five or less, for instance. Put in Charbs and K9 in the backfield and run to one sideline or the other. Use some creativity and we could improve in the red zone.

We're going 3-2 in the next five games. That was my only answer that I may or may not believe.

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I couldn't pick any answer suggesting to bench Geno for Drew. I think Geno Smith is average and not the long-term answer, but based on watching what I could find of Lock's tape in Denver after the trade, Lock is a worse NFL quarterback. Or at least was last time he started.

If Geno really is having an off game, I wouldn't be a bit upset if they gave the (other) backup a shot. But based on leaving Geno in there during the 4th quarter of a drubbing by the Ravens, it's never going to happen. I remember a game vs the Rams (at least I'm pretty sure it was the Rams) where the same thing was happening and Russ was getting killed and Pete left him in that game too.

We're going to ride with Geno and it's not like we have an untested highly drafted rookie behind him. This season is set in stone at the QB position barring injury. I don't think we will go far in the playoffs, and will be happy if we win a single game. But the NFC is weak and the injury bug could bring a couple of the contenders crashing down to earth in a hurry. I don't wish for that, but it's best-case scenario for advancing. I'm not feeling great about the upcoming Rams game, but the next 4 are capital B Brutal. I guessed 1-4 during that stretch. The Ravens were a good measuring stick for how we match up against the league's best. And we don't measure up well at all. Obviously not all of that is on the QB, but if we had a Mahomes or Burrow back there I think all of our predictions would be a heck of a lot higher.

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I should have read the heart and head line first. I picked Mofe with my head. My heart said Bobby.

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Ok help me on how to think about this:

Seattle signs Dissly to a $24m 3-yr contract, 16th highest in the NFL -- so more than the #1 TE on half the teams in the league -- and this particular year's cap hit is $9.2m, meaning, he's disproportionately expensive in 2023.

And then they give more snaps to lowly 91st-paid Colby Parkinson?

Fant is 31st-paid

Our old friend Nick Vannett on the Chargers is 75th.

Giving away my answer I guess about what surprised me the most...

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