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I'm with KJ except to add that I wouldn't be heartbroken if they took him at 9. He's that good. Yes, I understand he's a Center but personally I believe the Seahawks would receive a significant boost with a real difference maker at that position. Would make things so much easier on our next QB. If Linderbaum really is that good. If the Seahawks think he is then I'm ok with the risk.

Every draft pick is risky. That's just how it goes.

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Apr 12, 2022Liked by Seaside Joe

I keep saying Linderbaum would be ideal for the Hawks to grab although picking him at #9 is probably early. Trade back and try and get him before pick #20 if we can find a dance partner will to throw in another pick.

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Wow, 302 lbs. It used to be that center was the third most impactful injury behind QB and CB for Vegas odds and I think center is an underrated position by fans. If I were choosing between Cross, Thibideoux, Karlaftis, and Gardner, I think Linderbaum, at 302, joins the conversation. I'm don't get to choose and as Kenneth pointed out in a prior post, Pete/John historically don't seem to place a high value on the center position.

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