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Ladles & Gentlemen,

your 1st place NFC West SeaHawks!

< I hope Geno can hold THIS lead like he held the 1st team snaps >

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Worst Seattle can do now is be tied for 1st in the NFC West. Perhaps damned by faint praise but.....

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Watching the Cards get hammered, it seemed clear that Arizona is going to regret signing Murray to such a generous deal. The problem with QBs in the modern, salary cap NFL is that, while a guy like Mahomes or Allen is worth the almost $50M per year he has to be paid on a non-rookie contract, it's hard for teams with good but not great QBs to avoid doing likewise, even though they're not remotely worth it.

A team can, like Seattle, trade away a very-good but not-great QB for whatever it can get and then try to sign another in the draft, but that's such a craps shoot. A team can swallow hard and pay a guy like that whatever the market rate is, but it's not clear that Seattle didn't overpay Wilson last time around, and it's super clear that Arizona overpaid Murray this go round. How can a team avoid that other than by trading the guy away? Negotiate hard and alienate the guy while sending a clear message the team doesn't think he's that good? Take advantage of the franchise tag for a couple of years, likely overpaying the guy anyway, without a long term obligation, but at the cost of disharmony?

I don't see a lot of good options. Particularly if a team is in "win now" mode, like the 49ers. They paid a fortune in draft capital to move up for a guy who may or may not prove to be worth it. That's the modern game. Lots of strategic calculus in the front office during the off season and hoping the football gods smile upon your franchise. If you think winning is really what it's about, your chances of being satisfied are small.

For me, the golden age of the NFL was when powerhouse teams arose and lasted for several years. When it was possible to have a great team with real depth. A time when having an excellent GM, front office people, coaches and others were a real foundation for success. Today, it's an advantage to have talented people in those roles but results are way more arbitrary. No team is truly dominant anymore. The LOB Seahawks were about as close to it as is possible these days and that required a lot of unlikely pieces to come together. Was there ever a group of guys who played with bigger chips on their shoulders (verging into a sense of collective outrage)? Even so, they won it all just once and even that was precarious. If Sherman hadn't tipped a pass . . .

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I hope our offense plays aggressively, all 4 quarters tomorrow. When you watch the Bills or Chiefs offenses they play like they’re trying to score every time they gain possession of the ball. We sometimes just seem to want to be close so we can turn it on at the end.

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Great recap, but I'd submit week 1 didn't have much impact right now because it's a league of parity. Last week's winners could look horrible next week.

It's why I can't throw this Seahawk team under the bus with the naysayers claiming it's a lost season, and tank for a high pick.

We don't know what's in people. Not till it plays out.

Our defensive line could turn out to be one of the collective best in the league that changes games.

And then a well balanced offense possessing the ball/clock, and systematically putting up 24pts a game.

There could be articles galore on Woolen in 6 weeks touting him as the next great thing, and PCJS as trendsetters--again--as Seattle's defense is in lockdown mode. No one will be thinking about Jamal Adam's contract.

Now...they can also be a 3 win team giving up 29 points a game.

But we don't know.

But It's a league of parity where week 1 loses will be divided by 17 at the end. If Murray can get a track, week one will be forgotten.

Let's hope It's not an aberation, but the norm---same with Lance--but I'm ready to see what the Hawks put on the field tonight

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So cool to see the other members of the NFC West crap the bed yesterday.

Also fun to see how the national pundits with their conventional wisdom from the last 6 months got so much wrong.

It’s as if they all forgot the long-time saying “on any given Sunday.”

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This week seems to exemplify the need for some reps in pre-season. Perhaps the thinking is that with an extra game each season, week one is relegated to the warmup for the regular season?

The Chargers, Buffalo and the Chiefs were impressive on both sides of the ball. One game doesn't make for a sweeping judgement but it appears some of the cream has risen.

There was a laundry list of injuries this week for some key players and some of the coaching changes look promising. QB is still the problem for so many teams as well as offensive line.

So tonight Denver and Seattle enter the fray. The result should prove to be a good sampler on both teams season but not the definitive reality for 2023. As usual, depth of roster and how many starters go down can be the great equalizer in the NFL (Not For Long).

Seattle is going into this season to compete but this is also a year to get a number of young players reps for the 23 continued revamping. I believe that most of Seattle's draft will prove to be even more prolific for year end. Another good draft next year may well be a great turnaround for this franchise.

Seattle will play better than assumed through most of the league in 22 and so far the release of Wagner and Brown has not proven to be the straw the camel so adamantly fears.

I'll be looking for surprises from the younger players, and how well the coaching staff works with adjustments through the game. Not Seattle's strong suit for awhile.

Go Hawks, Ride the Broncos. :-)

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"Wrote me off but I didn't write back." Classic. Geno knows Seattle's scheme (4 years). Geno is a veteran. Geno has chemistry with the team. Geno gets his shot with a full preseason and camp with # 1 reps (Aikman was quick to point that out) and came into week 1 with some confidence and preparation.

When Geno started with Jets they were a train wreck. (did I say were) That was the QB draft to not remember (2013 pretty much the draft to forget period). My point being there are two QB's that are still on rosters from that draft (9 drafted). Mike Glennon the backup for the Giants and Geno. Longevity says something.

So what can we expect next week. First road game for the line (new mix and youth) and film on offense. The 49ers will be ready and pissed they lost in Chicago. Most of the preseason rust will be off.

A word about the tackles. They did a great job all things considered. They are still learning the position at this level and will face some of the best edge guys in the league this year. So it ain't gonna get any easier. I think they are up to the task. Geno could help by stepping up into the pocket or sliding (watch Rodgers and the nimble Tom Brady :-0).

Seattle gave up on the run in the 4th quarter. They need to get the ball to the backs in the flat in one on one situations when they are trying to eat clock and protect Geno. All of Seattle's backs are capable at that.

Seattle has lots of positives at TE. (blocking and receiving)

Waldren will have more Lockett in the plan next week. He always has big games against the 9ers.

Geno needs to keep a little peripheral for blind side pressure and step up.

Jamal Adams has missed 5 plus games the last two years (including playoffs in 20) and probably will be out quite a bit this year (TBD). When Seattle looked at all the UDFA safeties this year and signed Josh Jones last year to the PS they were being proactive. Jones has found a home. Blount and Neal will have their shots. Neal by the way was listed as LP on Thursday and FP on Friday so Jones was the coaching staffs choice to replace Adams. They'll work in the other two this week for that 3 safety's look.

What Seattle's does the next three weeks will be a better perspective on what his year is going to look like barring more major injuries.

Seattle has to fix the run defense and they showed signs of that toward the end of the game. Bryant will learn from the burn so we don't have to suffer with Coleman. Pete pulled him after the TD I think at slot CB.

When they asked Al Woods how he felt after the win he said, "I feel like were 1 and 0." Me too.

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The 49ers keeping Garapollo may save their season because Lance looks more and more like a bust or a long time project.

After what they gave up for Lance, if he busts heads in the 49ers front office will roll.

Too many of these dual threat QBs coming out of college are basically running backs with good arms. I want QBs that can run. In the pros accuracy is king.

The 1st week is a reminder that place kickers are the difference between wins and losses.

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