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If Seattle takes Matt Corral, in the second or maybe even in third, I would be happy. To me Corral looks to be the best, that and a Canadian toonie will get you a cup of Joe at Tim Hortons, see Canadian. If you spend a second or third there is nothing stopping you from taking your man, Grayson, or any other good lookin QB. It looks like he will not rise to the first round, if he has to leap frog 14 out of 18 QBs more highly ranked than him. I have loved his highlights. The new highlight to me was him bashing over the goal line for the touchdown. If Corral was drafted and showed promise, you could still take a 2023 QB. The old saying your second best player should be the back up QB. Victoria Chris

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I get the gist of the aritcle and it has merit but it misses at least four siginifcant points.

1. QBs only play offense and even the great ones can be shut down.

2. The running game is a big part of the offense on any really good team.

3. Wide recievers don't just run their assignment. In fact, Waldron said a difference this last year would be the freedom of wide receivers to adjust to the defense.

4. Not all QBs are leaders. Regardless of their on-field acumen, leadership is still a critical trait.

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