Jan 28, 2022 • 1HR 23M

How to make a Tom Brady documentary: Interview with director of Man in the Arena

Erik LeDrew joins Seaside Joe for a chat about the greatest football player of all-time

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“When you’re undeniable, you can’t be denied.” - Barry Katz.

Tom Brady has won seven Super Bowls. I don’t know how we can deny him “GOAT” titles anymore. The first six of those Super Bowls happened with the New England Patriots, and there were also three painful losses for Brady snuggly fit in between those six championships. Some quarterbacks would kill to have three Super Bowl losses.

It took two decades for Brady to reach nine Super Bowls with the Patriots but you can now re-experience each of them in less than half of that time by watching the ESPN+ docuseries Man in the Arena. One of the directors of Man in the Arena, a nine-part look at Brady’s nine Super Bowls with the Patriots, is Erik LeDrew, who has also produced the Brady documentary Tom vs Time and directed the Russell Westbrook documentary Passion Project.

LeDrew is also a Seahawks fan and a reader of Seaside Joe, so I was elated to have him on the podcast to talk about making Man in the Arena, who he would feature in a Seahawks documentary, and much more. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you wanna do that: Seaside Joe.