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Josh Brekhus, Marshawn Lynch, Hennessy and Quesadillas

Josh Brekhus, Marshawn Lynch, Hennessy and Quesadillas

Actor Josh Brekhus joins the Goofballs this week to tell the best Marshawn Lynch story that you've never heard. Josh had a truly unique life experience by replacing Adam Levine as the co-lead in an X-Box commercial with Lynch and several other NFL players and he talks about how he won Beast Mode over, how much Marshawn and the other NFL players got paid to do it, and why Hennessy and Quesadillas slowed down production during Marshawn's second commercial shoot. Josh also met many other players during his time in those X-Box ads and he talks about Antonio Brown's inability to stay awake DURING takes, Drew Brees over-preparing, Jimmy Graham's childlike wonder, and much more. We also discuss fantasy, burritos, and make our Week 7 picks.